Prado invests in supply-constrained
cities that are home to innovation industries and knowledge-centric markets.

Investment and Acquisition

We seek opportunities where we are uniquely suited to make a positive difference and where properties can be repositioned or developed into valuable, enduring assets. Our projects range from larger institutional level projects to focused infill neighborhood deals.

We invest for value

Over the years, we’ve honed our skills in recognizing character and potential and making the most of extraordinary properties in evolving neighborhoods.

We plan and hold for the longer term to maximize value

Throughout the acquisition process, we consider the capacity and trajectory for positive evolution. We strategize for quality and resilience in every stage from acquisition through management: it’s never too early to consider operating costs.

We take a patient, counter-cyclical approach

It isn’t about following the herd, it’s about looking around corners in order to be prepared for a wide variety of market conditions. This allows us to avoid over-paying, over-investing, and over-exposure during economic downturns.

We see things others don’t

With our deep relationships, we’re often the first to see properties before they go onto the market. With our collective creativity and extensive knowledge of neighborhoods and communities, sometimes we see potential where others can’t or won’t. We’re not looking for just one type of project—we’re looking at a set of conditions that we can maximize. The breadth of our portfolio includes everything from small infill development sites to institutional sized apartment buildings and retail.

We find ways to tackle issues others won’t

Some opportunities call for complicated financing structures that others shy away from. Others are more straightforward but have challenging aspects that defy typical solutions. We have the experience and track record to embrace both.

Case Studies

We are inspired by innovation industries and economies, and we invest in the life and work of the people who make the future possible.


Prado invests and develops in residential, retail, office, and mixed-use properties with a primary focus on creating vibrant infill properties—over 80 transactions in 17 years in excess of $1.38B.

Gross asset value.
Over 80 transactions

We invest in neighborhoods—acquiring, entitling, developing, and operating properties to create thriving communities and economies.

  • Cow Hollow
  • Hayes Valley
  • Laurel Heights
  • Lakeshore
  • Lower Nob Hill
  • Lower Pac Heights
  • Marina
  • Mission
  • Mission Bay
  • NOPA
  • Nob Hill
  • North Beach
  • Pacific Heights
  • Sunset
  • Tenderloin/Civic Center
  • Upper Market/Market/Dolores