Leasing Strategy

Prado Group thoughtfully seeks and carefully brings together a collection of retailers and merchants who reflect and enhance the unique characteristics of the community and neighborhood. Thoughtful and creative curation in leasing is integral to serving and inspiring people, as well as holding and increasing value over time.

We serve the community.

We look at the broader community to understand their needs and aspirations, and build from there—balancing essential services, unique shopping and distinctive food opportunities, and experientially-oriented merchants.

We strive for a unique vibe.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter communities. Integrating distinctive local merchants with national retailers, both boutique and corporate brands, insures that we serve a diversity of needs, desires, ages, styles, and income levels.

We create desirable destinations serving both residents and visitors.

Movement, evolution and newness are essential to a thriving community, and we carefully select and mix our retailers and merchants to create a distinctive destination where a wide range of consumers can discover and be inspired.

Leasing Execution

What do people need around the corner? How can we make more time? What gap do we see? What niche do we fill?