Neighborhood Retail

Marina Retail

By weaving together a mixture of small-scale boutique and local chains, restaurants, experiential spaces, and larger businesses, Marina Retail serves local resident needs, adds to the richness of the community, and creates a destination that draws a wider circle.

Marina Retail strikes an essential balance: it brings new life to an area full of potential and protects the community that already exists. This signature project creates a new sense of place, while still fitting seamlessly into the existing neighborhood. Its success relies on superior design, retail curation, and knowledge of the local.

Not only does this carefully curated collection of business bring new offerings to the community, but by building this beautifully-designed, walkable retail destination, the neighborhood will attract more business and a larger community, thereby enhancing the overall neighborhood ecosystem.

Project Specs
8 retail buildings spanning 22,808 SF
Barry's Bootcamp
Herman Miller
Peet's Coffee
Marine Layer